VoIP VS. Traditional Landline Phones

Business owners in the 21st century have options when it comes to the phone system they choose to use for their business. For many business owners, nothing beats the good old reliable standard landline phone. Landlines do not rely on an internet connection to function, unlike their modern counterpart, the VoIP powered phone. In this blog post, we’ll go over the pros and cons of VoIP VS. Landline phones.

How landlines and VoIP services function

When a customer dials a phone number using standard landline phone technology, they’re sending an actual electrical signal through a long strand of copper wire. This copper wire is often buried underground or strung on telephone poles. After the electric signal has traveled through the wire, the call will connect, and the voice on the other end is converted into audio and sent to your phone. This process is repeated as your voice is transferred back to the caller.

Alternatively, VoIP technology transfers calls through a VoIP-enabled phone and your internet connection. Voice is transformed into a data file and instantly sent to and from the caller and call receiver. VoIP phones encrypt these data files as they’re sent to and from you and the customer.


  • Voice Over IP (VoIP) Services Require Internet – Landlines Do Not

This is one of the most apparent differences between landlines and VoIP. For VoIP to be fully functional, it requires a dependable, high-speed internet connection. If the internet connection is lost, or the power goes out, VoIP phones will not be functional, and all phone calls will go straight to voice mail.

On the other hand, landline phones will often still function during power outages. Furthermore, landline phones deliver consistent, and quality calls, even with a weak internet signal. If your business is located in a remote area with spotty internet service, standard landlines are a clear choice.

In the 21st century, many businesses require high-speed internet in order to conduct business. This makes the requirement of a constant, reliable internet connection not that much of an issue. If your business is in an area with reliable internet, VoIP is an excellent choice for you.

  • VoIP Is More Affordable Than Standard Landlines

Depending on your service provider, landlines can be as much as $120 per line, each month. While VoIP can get as low as $20 per month, per line. These prices may vary, but in most cases, VoIP is considerably cheaper than standard landlines. Additionally, setup and hardware fees for VoIP services are typically lower than for standard landlines, as well.

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