Top 7 VoIP Features for a Miami Business

VOIP Benefits in Miami

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a modern telephone service that is ideal for Miami businesses of any size or nature. Customizable phone plans from ID Telecom will create the perfect set-up for each and every customer. A discussion with your VoIP representative will make it clear which features you will benefit from, but here are some of the most common features companies choose.

Detailed Call Reports

Collecting data is the best way to understand processes and how to improve them. A managed VoIP system can generate reports showing details of each call that went in or out and how long the calls lasted. These reports are commonly reviewed by employers to see how their employees are using their time.

Door Buzzer Integration

Similar to an intercom, you can integrate your Miami office VoIP system with an analog door phone for 2-way calling to speak with visitors. The system also allows for a buzz-in system operated through the phone system. This feature is particularly beneficial for companies that need a little extra security for their personnel or equipment.

Voicemail Email Transcriptions

Voicemail systems can be set up to transcribe any voicemails and send the transcription to a determined email address. This allows for quick retrieval of voicemail messages without having to listen to them. The voice file is also attached to the email so it can easily be listened to if the transcription is not accurate. The email can easily be forwarded to anyone else that needs to be aware of the message.

Call Routing

For workers that move around frequently and are commonly away from their desk, call routing is perfect. Also known as find me, after a set number of rings to your desk phone the system can route to call to ring on your cell phone. You can even set it to ring at 3 phones before being sent to your voicemail. This minimizes the amount of missed calls and only forwards callers to voicemail when the list is exhausted.

Auto Attendant

This feature is a digital voice menu that clients can interact with to be transferred to the exact person or department they are calling for. With call attendant, your receptionist will be putting fewer callers on hold and increase accountability will be placed on each employee when it comes to answering and returning calls.

Do Not Disturb

If you close your Miami office during lunch or simply have times where you or another employee needs to focus, do not disturb is the ideal option. Instead of ringing multiple times, do not disturb will immediately forward incoming calls to voicemail or another destination.

Click to Call

No more messing up entering a phone number 3 times before you finally complete a call. Click to call is a feature that can be integrated with your company’s CRM so you can quickly pull up a client, click the phone number, and call the client in seconds. The feature increases efficiency and eliminates wrong number calls.

These are only a few of the incredibly useful features offered through VoIP phone systems for your Miami business office. Phones are a lifeline for many businesses located in the Miami area. Your team requires the best service and the most features to keep them productive. Start the easy transition today by signing up for a new VoIP phone system with ID Telecom.

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