Why VoIP Is Better For Your Business

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VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a telephone service that uses the internet to connect callers rather than a landline, copper wiring, or cell phone towers. If a business has a reasonable quality internet connection, VoIP installation is easy and can be done without all the wiring. For any business in Fort Lauderdale looking to cut costs and to join the future trend of VoIP phone systems, ID Telecom can maintain and repair VoIP systems to keep business communications running and up to date. Here are some of the reasons why a VoIP system is better for businesses.

  • Cost
  • Functionality


Traditional phone companies have monopolies in the industry and control the prices more strictly, but VoIP companies are less established and provide competitive services. The cost of the internet service is not free, but most VoIP providers offer free calls. Most businesses will have internet already. If the internet is poor quality, it will reflect in the quality of the VoIP call quality. Much of business communication within a company and to outside sources is trending toward e-mail and the internet now, making a telephone subscription sometimes an unnecessary cost. Businesses can have a landline as well as an internet-based communication for different purposes and organization.

VoIP services are becoming higher quality as they are developed more. Internet quality improvements for urban areas also add to the increasing effectiveness of the service. Along with access to emergency and informational sources, there are many features still missing from VoIP. They are available on mobile devices. This allows VoIP users to combine the features of multiple programs to make up for any lack of functionality.


Integration is a big part of the new communication industry. All of the popular social media sites are reaching their audience through the internet. VoIP is able to integrate with these sites and facilitate their ability to advertise the hosted company.

Text communication channels diversify the experience of communication for the appropriate situation. Whether one party can’t invest enough time into a phone call, only small bits of information need to be transferred, or scheduling issues arise, VoIP offers the option to communicate in different ways to suit the agenda of any business situation.

As business becomes more international, communication with foreign offices and clients becomes more difficult. Video calls/conferences are one way that VoIP can bring distant representatives into the same room without wasting time or money traveling.

For a business that already has internet access, installing a VoIP is as easy as any software. By integrating voice telephone systems into existing LAN/WAN data networks, ID Telecom can bring the accessibility, low cost, and features of VoIP to any business in Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-340-6880 now or visit ID Telecom for a free consultation today.

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