The FAQS About Voice and Data Cabling

The FAQS About Voice and Data Cabling

If you are a business owner, then there is a strong possibility that you have heard of Data Cabling. Reason being, it specializes in the design and installation, of structured wire cabling systems. At ID Telecom, we truly know how important your technological infrastructure is and how much it impacts your business. We strive to provide the most reliable Voice and Data Cabling information you need to set up the most effective network cable system.

Why You Should Switch From Traditional Wiring To Data Cabling

With Data Cabling, all your cabling needs can perform efficiently through one convenient package. Eliminating the need for running phone lines, internet lines, and any other type of wiring. Data Cabling does it all.

ID Telecom’s Voice and Data Cabling provides a consistent and easy way to use the integrated system. Combining multiple systems into one simple and effective package.

Why You Need Data Cabling

Our Data Cabling is the easiest and most effective way to enhance your network’s capabilities. It is specifically designed to increase speed and efficiency. This allows your business to operate at a higher rate of speed than it normally would with traditional wiring.

Voice and Data Cabling also has the capability of integrating your Business Phone System into your network. This allows you to utilize certain features like reading a voicemail in text form on your computer screen.

What Is A CAT 5 Cable?

A CAT 5 Cable stands for Category 5. Basically meaning it is the same as an Ethernet Cable. However, it is an Ethernet Cable that can house 4 copper wiring. This allows you to easily integrate both Phone and Data Capabilities into a single cable.

The Benefits Of Data Cabling

With Data Cabling, you get speed, consistency, and efficiency unlike any other. All file transfers and downloads are a lot faster. The cables are a lot less bothersome also since they are condensed into one convenient cable. Also, you can easily integrate your current Business Telephone System into your existing network.

The Difference Between CAT 5e Cabling and CAT 6 Cabling

The CAT 5 Cable is the standard for any commercial business. As the number of “CAT” increases, the capabilities increase as well. Thus, a CAT 5e Cable is an enhanced cable that can support gigabit applications up to 1000 Mbps.

Therefore, a CAT 6 Cable has twice the bandwidth capabilities of a CAT 5. Making it the fastest Data Cable on the market.

If you are looking to keep your business ahead of your competitors, then Voice and Data Cabling is a must. No other data integration allows for faster and more efficient customer service. Our Data Cabling is essential for today’s fast-paced, internet driven market. Contact ID Telecom today at (954) 280-7035 to learn more about the most reliable and effective Voice and Data Cabling in all of Florida.

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