Telecommunications Maintenance Plans Will Keep Your Business Running

VOIP Repair

VOIP repair is essential when it comes to VOIP technology. This type of technology is increasingly popular among businesses today due to the lower costs and flexibility it offers. However, a possible drawback can happen if the internet fails, causing a potential for loss of phone service. ID Telecom knows businesses today cannot afford to have a system go down for extended periods of time. That is why security and maintenance for your telecommunications system is our priority.

Our telecommunications maintenance plan ensures system stability in the most effective way. Your VOIP system is properly maintained with the latest patches and updates. We monitor and maintain your system on a regular basis. This ensures optimum performance keeping your system running efficiently.

ID Telecom puts a safeguard in place ahead of time to prevent system failures from ever occurring. Our service providers perform world-leading solutions including:

Regular System Checks

Regular network troubleshooting is performed to maintain peak performance.

Backups Conducted

Safeguards businesses with on-site service and maintenance. This provides you with details on upcoming updates, possible adjustments, or system changes.

System Training For Employees

Train employees on how to use the system properly. As the telecommunications system updates, so does its features. All user information is also kept up to date in order to keep all systems fully secure.

VOIP Repair

Our telecommunications plan diagnoses and repairs your business’s VOIP troubles. We include application and system integration with our VOIP repair service. Your VOIP systems are a digital service with call directories and networked applications. This allows us to piece together every application running your VOIP service and repair every element. If not regularly maintained, your business will miss out on important protection updates. Failing to maintain your system regularly will cause you to lose the advantages of new services and installations.

As a state certified low voltage contractor, ID Telecom is fully insured for your system’s protection. We are here to customize the best telecommunications maintenance plan for you. Our account executives will help you meet your technology and budget needs effectively. For additional information on our maintenance plans or VOIP repair, please contact us at (954) 340-6880.

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