Setting Up A Wired Network? Here’s What You’ll Need

Voice and Data Cabling

Setting up your business with a completely wireless connection can be quite dangerous. Although it allows more mobility, they are not entirely reliable. That is why setting up a wired connection is the most secure option you can provide for your business. Especially since it is considerably faster than a wireless setup. Essentially providing your business with the reliability a wireless network could never achieve.

With ID Telecom’s Data Wiring, we ensure your business has the most effective and efficient wired network available. Before we begin setting up your wired network connection with our Data Wiring Service, there are a few things you should have in place.

A Router

Having a router in your office is absolutely a necessity. The router you need for your wired network connection must have different attributes than a router for a wireless network. The router should have enough ports for every computer you are connecting to the wired network. If not, you will have computers unable to connect to your network.

Ethernet Cable

If you plan on staying connected to a wired network, you will be needing Ethernet Cables. An Ethernet cable is what connects your computer to your router. This creates a reliable and secure network connection with very fast speeds. There are a variety of Ethernet Cables you can choose from with ID Telecom. Our Network Cabling Service easily installs all the wiring support you need for your network connection. We provide the network cables you need so you don’t have to waste time searching for some. You get the right Ethernet Cables you need for your wired network.

Network Adapters

With every computer you connect to the wired network, you will need a network adapter. Luckily, most computers nowadays have network adapters already installed. If your computer does not come pre-installed, you should definitely have network adapters on hand. This will ensure any computer can connect to your wired network easily and securely.

Whether you are looking to streamline your office with a new Voice and Data Cabling setup or a Business Phone System, ID Telecom has you covered. We provide unparalleled customer service experiences that increase your business’s overall efficiency. For the expertise you need to fulfill your Business Phone Service and Data Cabling needs, Contact Us today at (954) 280-7035.

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