Protect Your Business Hardware From Surges

Lightning Surge Protection

A surge protector is essential for any sized business. From high-performance computer systems and routers/modems to telephone systems and network equipment, vulnerability caused by a power surge can be a critical problem.

ID Telecom’s surge protector guarantees surge and lightning protection, preventing possible damage to any crucial business hardware. We are a state certified low voltage contractor that is fully insured to protect your home or business.

Not All Surge Protectors Are The Same

Business owners need to protect their electronic equipment and systems not only from small power surges but from large surges and multiple surge events. Not all surge protectors offer the same level of protection against lightning and power surges. Surge protectors should provide protection against damaging surges and spikes.

ID Telecom’s Back-Up Pro power surge products have features that include automatic voltage regulation (AVR) and LCD displays. These energy saving functions reduce the electricity that is being used, helping to prevent power surges.

A Backup Plan Is Essential

In the event of a power surge, it is important for businesses to have a backup plan. ID Telecom’s Back-Pro family products supply an abundant battery backup during power outages, allowing companies to continue working even when their main systems are down. Our power surge protectors also stabilize unsafe voltage levels, preventing any further damage.

ID Telecom Can Protect Your Business Investment

Damaging surges as a result of lightning or utility problems can damage a business’s electronic devices, destroying valuable data. With ID Telecom Back Up Pro power surge protectors, issues like circuit/outlet overloads, damaged wiring, power outages, and lightning strikes are blocked keeping power at a safe voltage level. Our surge protectors guarantee surge and lightning protection for electronic devices like:

  • High-Performance Computers
  • Game Consoles
  • Home and Business Electronics
  • Routers and Modems
  • External Storage Devices

Electronic devices are a vital part of the everyday function of a business. A dependable surge protector is a necessary solution to ensure your technologies and data are protected at all time. ID Telecom can help protect your business and your investments. We offer a complete surge protection system to protect sensitive electronic equipment. Give us a call today at 954-340-6880 for a free consultation on how to prevent your home or business from damages caused lighting and power surges.


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