What Are The Myths of VoIP Phone Systems?

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What Are The Myths of VoIP Phone Systems?

One of the main systems that businesses rely on is their phone communication. What most of them don’t know is that VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) can provide many benefits over a normal landline telephone service. There are some myths that must be dispelled to understand how a VoIP phone system can benefit a business. They are not expensive, are not difficult to use, and are not unreliable.

VoIP Offers Significant Savings

VoIP phone systems are not very expensive. The companies that provide them are usually kickstarters or small competitive businesses because it is a newer technology. Established landline phone companies have long-standing monopolies on the industry to control the prices. If an internet line has already been established, there is no additional hardware required. There are also no long distance fees through the internet. The only maintenance required is for the internet.

The Technology Is Easy to Use

Despite the feeling that some people are unable to change their ways and learn new technology, VoIP is very intuitive and user-friendly. As soon as the system goes live, they can access everything from voicemail-to-email, video conferencing, and chat systems. It is easy to confuse more options with more complicated, but each function is by itself very easy to use.

VoIP Is Reliable

Internet uptime is very much reliable. It may be affected slightly more than a landline as far as outages go, but this is rare. Having  VoIP on top of a landline is what most companies will do, using the VoIP for internal communications. Cloud infrastructure is also available for outages, bridging the gaps in outages and keeping businesses running. In the case of power outages, businesses using a landline system will not be able to make or receive calls, while those using a VoIP system will simply be able to transfer calls to phones that work.

As these misconceptions begin to become less widely accepted and more VoIP services expand, the industry will continue to gain more benefits. International business continues to grow, requiring communication with foreign offices and clients. Bring distant members into the same room through conference calls with little effort and scheduling.

Along with the expanding range of business partners, platform integration is a big part of the new communication industry. All of the popular social media sites are reaching their audience through the internet. VoIP is able to integrate with these sites and increase the interaction with customers through these platforms.

For a business that already has internet access, installing a VoIP is as easy as any software. By integrating voice telephone systems into existing LAN/WAN data networks, ID Telecom can bring the accessibility, low cost, and features of a VoIP phone system to any business. Call 954-340-6880 now or visit for a free consultation today.

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