User Friendly Miami Business Phone Service

Miami Business Phone Service

Miami is a bustling city stock full of different businesses, so it’s important to have a good business phone service that won’t fail. ID Telecom is a certified communication business with over 25 years of experience that is able to provide user-friendly service and reliable communications. Having good phone service for any business in Miami is helpful for purposes like these:

Managing Phone Systems

Owning and operating a business is a large task in itself so having to worry about how phones work and are managed shouldn’t have to be an additional worry. ID Telecom offers different maintenance and management plans to ensure that phones in any business will remain operational at all times. If a problem ever occurs, we have a professional maintenance team on standby to make sure the problem is resolved quickly and efficiently. If there’s ever any questions about how a plan works or how phones are managed, we have a support staff that’s ready to assist.

Power Surges

Florida is the lightning capital of the world which means power surges happen quite frequently. Power surges happen when the flow of electricity is interrupted or has a fluctuation. There is usually only around 10-20 volts of electricity flowing through an outlet, so when lightning strikes a transformer, the increased voltage can cause serious damage. These surges can be quite damaging to technology such as telephones and their lines. ID Telecom offers surge protection for phones to make sure in the event of a damaging surge, nothing will be harmed and phones will remain operational. Protecting investments is a high priority at ID Telecom and we will ensure no data is ever lost.


VOIP is a technology that is constantly evolving as time goes on so making sure to stay up to date on the latest communication technologies is important for any business and ID Telecom makes sure every business has the latest and greatest in VOIP technology. Installing and maintaining VOIP in-house can be expensive and inefficient for businesses. ID Telecom is able to install VOIP in a cost-efficient manner while monitoring it and keeping it up to date.

Cable Management

When it comes to communications there’s a lot of different cables to deal with. Trying to understand what these cables do and where each one goes can be a difficult task that requires lots of research to fully understand. When it comes to cable management and setting up voice data for phone calls, ID Telecom has it covered. We carry state-of-the-art cables and offer different plans on how to set up the cables and what type we use.

Having a business phone service in Miami is crucial if the business is to succeed. Phones are complex devices that come with lots of different ways to set up and having a reliable communications company is important. If there are any questions about our Miami phone services, call ID Telecom at 954-280-8378.


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