A History of IP Phone Systems

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IP phone systems are a relatively new voice communication method that is spreading through Fort Lauderdale like wildfire. Most commonly referred to as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), this telephony system was one of the many innovations that emerged following the internet entering people’s homes. Through the internet, multiple forms of communication were created, including email and instant messaging. However, nothing can replace talking directly and hearing someone’s voice.

A Brief Timeline of VoIP

  • 1995: Internet Phones were first invented
  • 1996: Internet voicemail applications were pioneered
  • 1999: Asterisk, The first IP-PBX  was developed
  • 2000: The US government began regulating VoIP communications
  • 2003: 25% of all calls were through VoIP
  • 2003: Skype launched its first beta
  • 2004: Vonage Hits The Shelves
  • 2005: First Dual Wi-Fi Cellular Phone allowing two-way VoIP calls
  • 2006: First Mobile VoIP App Unleashed
  • 2012: VoIP is Mainstream

The Early Days of VoIP

Originally developed in 1995, IP phone systems work by transmitting voice data packets over the internet from one IP to another. VocalTec is the name of the company that pioneered the first IP phone used by a variety of people. At the time, the set up was simple with one internet user calling another and a simple microphone and speaker hooked up. It did not take long for this system to start growing and evolving into what it is today.

Major Improvements that Popularized IP Phones

Original IP phone systems experience a plethora of issues. Call quality suffered from moments of silence and dropped calls. Few people wanted to use the system because the caller had to listen to a series of advertisements before continuing as well as after finishing a conversation. However, years of perseverance lead to a better user experience and increase popularity. Eventually, telephone manufacturers and telephone specialists started to use the newly developed digital transmissions. The idea of transferring information via IP-based packages was exciting because if its improved speed, quality, and lower cost. IP capabilities were added to their switches, and eventually, the software was developed that allowed users to attach a VoIP adaptor to their phones. When broadband Ethernet service became available, call quality improved significantly, and connectivity was not as much of a problem. Although the calls had static interference, they were still significantly better than before. Additionally, it allowed people to use the Internet at the same time as they made voice calls.

Skype and VoIP

When IP services were first introduced, video calling was not an option yet. However, when Skype launched in 2003, transforming communication across the globe. Skype was a pioneer in communications, allowing users to make completely free calls, developing their own instant messaging platform, and introducing video chat in 2005. Skype quickly became a household name and set the benchmark for all other VoIP companies.

VoIP Today

A common part of our day-to-day lives, VoIP is used to communicate with friends and family in other countries, for companies to host conference calls, e-faxing, and much more. From phone apps and hundreds of possible features, VoIP is the standard today for both business and personal phone systems. The call quality has far exceeded the quality of traditional telephony systems and flat rate fees make calls cheaper. In this digital age, it is no wonder that a new, modern telephone system has come to offer us so much. There is no doubt that this technology would not exist without the telephone, the internet, and internet protocol. We are a long way from Alexander Graham Bell and his original telephone invention.

If you are a Fort Lauderdale business owner, make sure you are getting the highest quality phone service by upgrading to a VoIP telephone system. Nothing like the original Internet Phones, today’s IP services will blow you away with their call clarity and optional features. You will be astounded at the benefits an IP Phone system can provide your businesses. Call now to get a quote IP Phone service from ID Telecom. (954)939-0150

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