Tips for Choosing a Business Phone Service

Benefits of VOIP,Business Phone Service

Business telephone systems have dramatically evolved for the better over the past several decades. Your Miami office is no longer limited to phone systems that just make and receive calls. Versatile VoIP business telephone systems now offer video chatting, instant messages, and mobile phone applications on top of their integrated voice capability. There are many options out there in terms of business phone services and it is important to choose the system right for your customers and employees.

Plans and Pricing

Successful businesses run on budgets, and finding a phone service that fits within the budget for your Miami business is paramount. Luckily, VoIP phone systems are commonly much less expensive than traditional telephony systems. Avoid purchasing expensive hardware and select a monthly plan that fits the specific expectations for your industry. Basic start plans are perfect for small businesses, and they are easily scalable as your company grows. Ask about the features offered in each plan and the cost of the plans to determine the best value.

Ask About Mobile Apps

From small 1 man operations to large corporations with traveling salesmen, the mobile apps offered by some VoIP plans are ideal to make and accept calls from anywhere in the country. If your company runs on a small team and there cannot always be someone sitting at a desk waiting for the phone to ring, request an app that allows you to answer clients on your cell phone. The feature is also ideal for account managers who travel a lot to visit clients or employees that work remotely. Never have an employee give out their personal cell number when they can be reaching via their work number. This feature is not offered by all VoIP providers so make sure you ask before signing.

Call Routing

No longer just for call centers and big box stores, call routing is easy with a VoIP system. Provide a menu for customers when they call your business and they can be routed directly to the department or representative they are trying to reach. This system creates increased accountability for employees and an overall better customer service experience. You can even set the phone to ring to a different representative after a few rings so that no call goes unanswered.

The Ability to Integrate

When selecting a VoIP provider, verify that they support integration with the management systems you currently use or are looking into using. Programs such as Dropbox, Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and Salesforce all have the ability to be integrated with VoIP phone systems, but not all providers support it. Double check that your software is provided and that your provider is confident in being able to assist with the integration process.

Additional Support

Just like any other digital service you pay for, quality customer service is not always easy to find. Luckily, ID Telecom is proud to offer friendly phone support to answer all of your questions. Additionally, we are happy to send a technician on-site when needed. Having a phone system go down is stressful, that is why at ID Telecom we take every precaution to prevent outages and we respond quickly to any requests.

VoIP is the most common and versatile type of business phone system for your Miami office, but not every provider is equal. Some phone system providers have limited features and services, but there is no reason you should have to sacrifice a service you need. ID Telecom is a Miami office phone system provider that offers a full list of features and customizable service plans to meet your specific needs. Choose your new business telephone system but contacting ID Telecom today.

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