VoIP VS. Traditional Landline Phones

Business owners in the 21st century have options when it comes to the phone system they choose to use for their business. For many business owners, nothing beats the good old reliable standard landline phone. Landlines do not rely on an internet connection to function, unlike their modern counterpart, the VoIP powered phone. In this…

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The FAQS About Voice and Data Cabling

The FAQS About Voice and Data Cabling If you are a business owner, then there is a strong possibility that you have heard of Data Cabling. Reason being, it specializes in the design and installation, of structured wire cabling systems. At ID Telecom, we truly know how important your technological infrastructure is and how much…

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3 Reasons VOIP Telephone Service Is Better For Small Businesses

VOIP Phone Service,Business VoIP Providers

Nowadays, the push to move communication systems to The Cloud has been increasingly intense. VOIP Phone Service increases a businesses’ productivity, user experience, and cost reduction abilities. No wonder most companies are opting to improve their communications through the Cloud. As opposed to traditional phone solutions. ID Telecom’s VOIP Telephone Service benefits any business of…

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