Add Lightning and Surge Protection To Your Preparedness Plan This Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is the perfect time to add lightning and surge protection.

Hurricane Season Is A Perfect Time To Make Lightning And Surge Protection A Part Of Your Disaster Preparedness Kit

Do you know that 33% of businesses in the United States are affected by lightning? According to research from the Journal of Accountancy, lightning is a more prevalent concern for American commerce than the problems caused by flooding, fires, explosions, hurricanes, earthquakes, and violence.

Living and working in Florida means having lightning a part of everyday life. While Florida is officially known as the “Sunshine State” it holds another, more dubious title — that of being the lightning capital of the United States, with Central Florida and the stretch running from Tampa to Titusville known as “Lightning Alley”.

South Florida is no stranger to lightning, either. Lightning occurs outside of dense rain, with strikes happening up to ten miles away from any water droplets. We experience the phenomena of “heat lightning,” which is lightning from a storm system that is too far away from our hearing for the thunder to be heard.

Of course, during the summer and fall months, particularly during hurricane season, we tend to experience the highest amount of lightning. Businesses should use hurricane season as the perfect reason to make lightning and surge protection a part of their disaster plan and hurricane preparedness kit.

The experienced professionals at I.D. Telecom are proud to offer the Back-UPS Pro family of power protection for your company’s systems.

The Back-UPS Pro lightning and surge protection system furnishes battery backup power during outages and stabilizes unsafe voltage levels in addition to affording protection from damaging surges and spikes.

To learn more about how the Back-UPS Pro complete surge protection system helps to safeguard your business or to schedule a free consultation, please call us at 1-954-340-6880. You may also contact us via email at or by using our online form.

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