5 Signs Your Business Phone System Can’t Keep Up

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Nobody wants a business phone system that just cannot keep up with the current times. When your office’s phone system falls behind, it affects your business’s operations. From phones ringing off the hook to customer complaints about call quality. All these frustrating issues are signals that your business phone system has reached its limits.

A phone system that can’t keep up with your business creates problems beyond just dropped calls. It can harm your business by causing you to lose potential revenue. No company needs their phone system to complicate its production to the point of losing business.

Signs Your Business Phone System Is Out Of Date

How can you be sure if your office’s phone system is out of date? Here are a few signs that your business phone system is out of date.

Poor Call Quality

No customer or employee should ever have to deal with poor call quality. This includes incessant static, voice delays, jumbled audio, or unexpected dropped calls. This disrupts the communication with customers as well as your own organization.

Statistics have proven that 85% of callers that cannot reach a business on their first try do not call back. This also increases the chances of employees losing business due to being unable to connect with customers.

Call Routing Problems

If your office’s call routing options are limited, your call tree will be beyond frustrating to navigate.  This can cause your customers time crawling through an endless maze of menus. Resulting in having your callers being put on hold causing them to hang up. This is the poor user experience that leads to them calling one of your competitors out of frustration.

ID Telecom’s business phone system customizes your call routing features. This way, we streamline your caller’s experience. Our office phone system allows you to create a call tree that is easy to navigate for everyone. Ultimately preventing callers from getting lost and hanging up.

No Geographical Flexibility

When your business phone system is tied to a physical location, your employees cannot work remotely. Luckily, our phone system is geographically flexible allowing your employees to keep all work calls under one phone bill.

ID Telecom’s business phone system provides your employees with the ability to work from home, on vacation, or during sick days.

Additionally, our office phone system allows you to track minutes used on calls. This way, you avoid paying to reimburse your employee’s cell phone bill.

Limited Call Functionality

For both customers and employees, call functionality is very important to the user experience. Call functionality is about what happens to the customer during a call. Certain lack of features can really damper a customers user experience. These features include:

  • Re-Hear Auto Attendant Options
  • Return To Prior Menu
  • Call Hold
  • Mute Audio

A business phone system with limited capabilities may not be able to offer even these small conveniences.

Employees will also suffer from limited call functionality. A conference call with a limited per person cap can make a team meeting pointless. The absence of a voicemail system adds a tremendous level of inefficiency.

Optimize Your Business Phone System

Business alone can be hard enough. Add in preventable errors due to an outdated phone system, making it even harder. You are basically giving your business away to your competitors.
With ID Telecom, you get personalized VOIP Service that comes with over 25 years of experience. Bring your office productivity to a whole new level with our business phone system. For more information on the phone systems that improve your business, Contact ID Telecom Today at (954) 340-6880.

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