3 Reasons VOIP Telephone Service Is Better For Small Businesses

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Nowadays, the push to move communication systems to The Cloud has been increasingly intense. VOIP Phone Service increases a businesses’ productivity, user experience, and cost reduction abilities. No wonder most companies are opting to improve their communications through the Cloud. As opposed to traditional phone solutions.

ID Telecom’s VOIP Telephone Service benefits any business of any size. We provide your company with the ability to make phone calls via the internet. replacing the outdated method of using unreliable conventional phone lines. The advantages VOIP offers are too good to ignore.  It’s no wonder more businesses are using ID Telecom to upgrade their phone solutions.

Why VOIP Is Better Than Traditional Land Lines

With a VOIP telephone Service, there is no need for equipment to be installed on-site. Eliminating the need to pay contractors to move hardware in and out. Ultimately leaving you more space for your office to utilize.

Since VOIP eliminates that use of physical hardware, the need for repairs or upgrades is also a thing of the past. With ID Telecom, saved time and expenses are able to be filtered back into your business’s workflow.

Hardware Is A Thing Of The Past

ID Telecom’s VOIP cloud phone service cuts the cord on traditional landline communication. We set your business up with our VOIP phone service in 24 hours or less. This allowing your business’s team members to communicate freely using any device. Making phone calls over a secure IP network as opposed to a single telephone line.

Mobility and Flexibility

Any business that still uses traditional phone services constantly suffers from usage constraints. This is due to traditional solutions relying solely on a single phone number directed to one specific phone. Additionally, anyone traveling outside the office is unable to access that phone and number.  

However, with VOIP, your location bears no importance on your phone system. All you need is access tot he internet on a computer or mobile phone.

ID Telecom’s business voip providers allow your business to easily access your telephone system whenever. Expanding the ability to call, text, and fax anywhere at any time.

An Affordable Communication System

The more your business grows, the need to make long distance and international calls will increase. Without a reliable VOIP phone service, your business’s communication costs will also increase.

In comparison to traditional phone services, ID Telecom’s VOIP service cuts your business’s communication cost by up to 68%. Drastically reducing the cost concerns for both long-distance and international calls.

If you are more than ready o cut your business’s communication costs, ID Telecom has you fully covered. Making the switch from a traditional phone service to a VOIP telephone service will benefit your business far beyond just costs. Contact the VOIP experts, ID Telecom, at (954) 280-5536 to upgrade your business today.  

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